A MishMash of Stuff…

Remember I shared with you a few weeks ago that with the onslaught of spring I was feeling better, more optimistic, and excited over the upcoming season?

Don’t you just love the sounds of birds singing? So uplifting, right?

Everyone I talk to feels fired up to get outside and prepare the gardens. 

Did I mention the robins are back!

Yay, spring!

Last year’s peonie

I want to thank you all for your good wishes on the sale of our home. It hasn’t happened yet, but we did have another viewing on Friday. That’s two in less than ten days!

Thanks, everyone!

But with every positive there is a negative.


I spent Friday morning raking the lawn between the shop and the house, so our buyers would have a better impression of the curb appeal.

It looked nice, really. Spring-like! Hints of green.

Until I woke up Saturday morning.


Eighteen inches overnight! 

This is what they mean by “Jaw-dropping weather.”

It’s also the reason I need to apologize for not reading all your posts. I hate that I’m behind, but I really had a good reason. And I will catch up.

I should probably mention that I’m okay about the snow. It will melt in no time. It’s already started. Yay!

Now for something inspiring…

If it’s true writers are full of insecurities, then the link below is a must-read.  Click and you’ll be re-directed to Rachelle Gardner’s blog.

Don’t Feed Your Discontent

Have a super week!

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