Breakup on Cluculz Lake, BC

Folks, I’m shocked to reveal that Cluculz Lake is still covered in ice. I was so sure it would be off by today. Goes to show what I know. The closest guess will win a copy of my suspense thriller Broken But Not Dead. I’ll be sure and let you know when that happens. Here’s a recap of April.

April 13

April 20

April 23

April 24

April 25, 6 am
April 25, late morning. 

    April 27 – Carrie Butler
    April 28 – Susanne Drazic, Amanda Borenstadt
    April 29 – Adriana Ryan
    May 1 – Laurel-Rain Snow
    May 3 – Susan H.
    May 5 – Suzanne de Montigny
    May 8 – Alina Niemi
    May 11 – Carol Garvin
    May 12 – Kittie Howard
    May 16 – Stacy Green

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