Brendell Is Choked With Me.

Yesterday a dear friend dropped by, someone I hadn’t seen for awhile. During our visit I mentioned I’d won the silver medal from IP Awards for BROKEN BUT NOT DEAD. She was delighted. But as I spoke, I heard a disturbing sound in my voice. It was my apologetic tone. I was embarrassed I’d won when so many others hadn’t.

Afterwards, I realized I’ve been doing this my entire life, apologizing when something nice happens to me. It as if the happiness takes me out of my comfort zone. I feel unworthy.


It actually doesn’t matter. I know my parents loved me. I know I had a wonderful childhood. I grew up on a farm and lived the kind of life that children’s books are written about. We had one adventure after another.

I wouldn’t be writing about this today if Brendell hadn’t popped in to say, Thanks a lot, you dumb twit.

Which reminds me, is that where the name twitter comes from? A twit who happens to twitter?

Brendell Kisepisim Meshango graciously accepts the award, not once doubting that she deserves it. She’s work hard to survive an abusive childhood and to make something of her life. She’s a noble woman, a proud Metis, who believes in justice, respect, and tolerance for all peoples. She’s the type of woman the rest of us secretly wish we were. Confident, courageous, funny, a loving mother, a good friend, and a great protagonist. She’s got a sharp wit and equally sharp tongue. When push comes to shove, Brendell stands her ground and manages to counter with the kind of comebacks that always elude me in similar situations.

I’m writing this post to apologize to her for ever doubting that her story wouldn’t capture the IPPY’s attention. I didn’t know my publisher was submitting my book, but when I heard, my first response should have been, Of course. Brendell is a worthy recipient. 

Awards begin with you believing in yourself, your writing, and your endearing and well-rounded characters. And if that doesn’t do it for you, think of it this way. If your child came home from school with a 1st place ribbon, you wouldn’t respond with: “Oh, sweetie, you better take it back. Someone more deserving than you deserves it.”

Okay, now on a different subject…

On aerating our lawn; if this works, I’ll post new photos in a few weeks.

It’s so pretty today.

Even Shasta thinks so. You can’t tell, but she’s got a hop in her step.

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