“If DeOlmos can locate Gordon in three days, as soon as they discover she's Canadian, she's dead. Michael, I'm counting on you. Make them understand...she has to testify.”

Dead Witness


Valerie McCormick is a wife and mother from small town Canada. While visiting Seattle, she becomes the only witness to the brutal seaside murder of two FBI agents. When she flees to the nearest police station to report the crime, she becomes caught up in a web of international intrigue and danger.

Suddenly, she and her family are in the sights of ruthless criminals bent on preventing her from testifying against the murderer. Even with FBI protection, Valerie is not safe.

Whisked away from her family and all that is familiar to her, Valerie fights back against the well-intentioned FBI to ultimately take control over her life with every ounce of fury a mother can possess.


"I loved this thriller. I instantly warmed to Valerie and her struggles with what she saw. As the story progressed, I kept myself up past my bedtime to simply see her through the end of each chapter! I highly recommend this if you like thrillers with meat AND heart." ~Bookatrix

A thrill ride to self-discovery. Dead Witness takes the reader on a thrilling journey as one woman defies all the boundaries of her previous life and learns that she can only count on herself. Along the way, she discovers that sometimes the safe path isn't the best choice, and once in awhile one has to stretch to truly find oneself. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Valerie; I admired the FBI Agent Mike Canaday; and disliked Valerie's husband Ed from the very first time he appeared on the page. Every character felt real and helped me connect to this exciting story, which earned five stars from me." ~ Laurel Snow 

"Dead witness is a brilliant thriller that hooked me from the start and never lessened its hold on me. I loved the main characters, very realistically drawn and engaging, and even found the villains intriguing. A great cocktail of tension, conflict and emotion. Butler takes us through North America, from Canada to the US to Mexico and back in a believable and engaging plot. I'll be watching out for more books by Joylene Nowell Butler." ~Edith