I’m doing something a little different today and I need your help. I’m participating in DID I NOTICE YOUR BOOK BLOGFEST. I’m about to reveal a book I noticed, and the author has no idea that I’m doing this. Please shout out until the the author finds their book. The author will then need to comment on Ciara Knight’s blog and reveal how they found out their book was a DID I NOTICE YOUR BOOK BLOGFEST choice. Don’t forget to stop by Alex J. Cavanaugh’s blog.

Once again, the author has no idea their book has been noticed.

The Book I Noticed is:


Embrace the Whirlwind by Laurel-Rain Snow explores how a restless young woman learns to overcome her dysfunctional family, face her personal demons and find the happiness she so richly deserves. 


How does one person connect to another in a meaningful and satisfying way? Can a tortured past and tangled family history impede prospects for finding happiness in the future? The author explores the multidimensional character of Amber Cushing, a young woman whose conflicted relationship with her mother propels her into a whirlwind of bad choices. Her growing addiction to love pushes her out of control and thwarts any chance at happiness. But when she begins to explore her own feelings and understand the reasons behind her actions, Amber starts to forgive herself and to forge a brave new future. 




*  *  *  *  

What’s exciting and a total fluke is I know this author. I spotted the cover and was instantly intrigued. I’d like to apologize to Laurel for not having read it yet. That will soon change. 

Everyone, thanks for shouting out. It’ll be fun to see how long it takes Laurel to discover what we’re doing. Have you read this novel? Does the cover grab your attention? If so, please share.



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