Finding Happiness with a new website by Hank Quense

I’ve created a number of video classes that are available on Udemy.  For a while now I’ve been looking for another site to add the videos.  While Udemy is a great site, they do a lot of advertising and promoting and keep almost all of the sales revenue.   Recently someone signed up for a course and my royalty came to about 16%.  I’ve had even smaller pay-outs than that one.  Udemy also runs site-wide sales in which every course — no matter what the price — sells for $9.99.  It does this without telling the creators who find out when they get a ridiculous low payout for one of the courses.

I felt I needed an alternative to Udemy to lessen my dependency on the site.  Over the last months I’ve looked into several sites, but found them wanting for various reasons.

Recently, I read an article on Medium and the article mentioned a site called Gumroad which is a competitor for Udemy and for other sites like Podia.  I investigated it and immediately signed up.  What I like is that it is much more open than Udemy.  Another issue in Gumroad’s favor is the fee charged is fixed and at a low percentage. And there is no monthly fee that other sites like Podia charge.

While there is a learning curve involved with the Gumroad, mastering the curve has uncovered quite a few pleasant surprises.  For one, after I create a sales page for a video class, I can embed that sales page into my own website. And that process works with a simple, one-line command.  I keep finding more surprises as I get deeper into the website.

All in all, the Gumroad’s website is a quite pleasant surprise.  I’ve added quite a bit of content to it in the last week or so.  You can visit the site using this link:



For vacations, Hank and Pat usually visit distant parts of the galaxy. Occasionally, they also time-travel.

Besides writing novels, Hank lectures on fiction writing, publishing and book marketing. He is most proud of his talk showing grammar school kids how to create a short story. He used these lectures to create an advanced ebook with embedded videos to coach the students on how to create characters, plots and settings. The target audience is 4th to 7th graders. The book’s title is Fiction Writing Workshop for Kids.

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