FNN: No Electric Cars

Exclusive to Faux News Network:

Today Hank Quense, CEO and Chief Author at Strange Worlds Publishing made the following announcement at a press conference.

“With all the buzz about electric cars and the range of companies reputed or rumored to have one under development, I want to assure everyone that Strange Worlds Publishing will NOT design, develop and produce an electric car.

“An electric car simply doesn’t fit into our business model and would require extensive resources that we don’t have at this time. Our job at Strange Worlds Publishing is to produce parodies that entertain readers, not to manufacture hardware.

“Producing an electric car did have some attractive innovations, but they weren’t enough to sway us. One option was to factory-equip the car with a bookshelf and stock it with a copy of all our print books. Another option was to equip the sound system with an audiobook copy of our entire catalog. These pull-through sales simply weren’t enough to overcome the logistics problem associated with the development.

“While we’re discussing hardware, I should mention that Strange Worlds Publishing will also not design, develop or produce smartphones, electric guitars, food processors, electric motor scooters or smart watches.

“We will dedicate ourselves to our core values and continue to produce top-notch parodies. We will hold nothing sacred in our quest for the perfect parody.” 

Hank Quense is the author of 50 published short stories along with four novels and three collections of stories. All of these are humorous and/or satiric scifi and fantasy. In the non-fiction area, he has over a dozen articles published on fiction writing and he’s the author of the Fiction Writing Guides series and the Self-publishing Guides series. Both series consist of a number of ebooks. The Fiction Writing Guides and the Self-Publishing Guides are an outgrowth of his lectures on both subjects.

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