FNN Predictions for 2015

Faux News Network staff and management spent most of December gathering data and trends from around the world. Using advance mathematical devices such as calculators and smart phones we analyzed the data and developed a set of productions for next year.

Here are the Faux News Network predictions for 2015:

* Congress will pass a resolution proclaiming that global warming is an act of God and can’t be thwarted. People claiming pollution is affecting the weather will be deemed ecological terrorists and treated as such.
* Oil companies, because of falling prices, will demand a federal bailout so the companies can maintain their high profitability and dividend levels. Congress will approve the bailout.
* Pope Francis will announce he is moving the Vatican from Rome to Argentina to get away from the entrenched Vatican bureaucracy.
* Abortion will only be permitted in states in the Northeast and on the west coast.
* To invigorate the depressed armaments industry, Congress will authorize the President to declare war on the non-English speaking country of his choice.
*The NFL will cut the length of football games from sixty minutes to forty minutes in order to show more commercials.
* With the growing calls for a Constitutional Amendment on term limits, Congress will pass its own term-limit bill. Under the new law, people in Congress will be limited to serving 35 years.
* The cost of buying a member of Congress will increase 15% year to year. The cost of buying a local politician will vary by state and average 6 to 11%.
* The Supreme Court will rule that religious non-profits are people also and pastors now have the right to tell their parishioners how to vote without losing the church’s non-profit status.

FNN wants to know what your predictions are. Please tell us.

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