FNN Report: 2016 Predictions

Listen up, everyone! Hank Quense is back with some horrendously momentous and insignificant predictions for 2016! 

A group of Faux News Network prognosticators have worked long and hard to come up a list of predictions for 2016. 
Locked into a conference room and fueled by six-packs, pizza deliveries and an occasional bong, the group put together the following list
* Trump, denied the Republican nomination, runs as an independent and gets less than three percent of the total vote.  In disgusted he emigrates to Russia, changes his last name to Trumpovitch and launches an investment service with his buddy, Putin.  Together, they scam Russian investors out of 37 gazillion rubles.
* Hillary Clinton wins the election.  Her first act as President is to order the Secret Service to make sure her husband Bill Clinton is never allowed into the White House.
* The National Football League acknowledges that its rules are too complex for the referees to handle.  It fires all the referees and replaces them with on-field lawyers who will monitor game activity and argue penalty rulings to a panel of three celebrity judges holding court at the mid-field sidelines.  Fans will be able to text their opinion to the judges.
* ISIS gets angry over the rejection of their float proposal for NYCs Thanksgiving Day parade.  According to ISIS, the float would have been tasteful done to show women peacefully living under the command of their husbands or masters.  It would also depict a painless beheading process. ISIS called the rejection blatant bias and poor judgement.
* Texas initiates a movement to succeed from the United States.  The Federal Government does nothing to stop the movement, but builds a wall along the entire Texas border to keep Texans from entering the other forty-nine states.

* The winning number for the years biggest lottery worldwide will be 127-45A-37B-987-^#*
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Hank Quense is the author of 50 published short stories along with four novels and three collections of stories. All of these are humorous and/or satiric scifi and fantasy. In the non-fiction area, he has over a dozen articles published on fiction writing and he’s the author of the Fiction Writing Guides series and the Self-publishing Guides series. Both series consist of a number of ebooks. The Fiction Writing Guides and the Self-Publishing Guides are an outgrowth of his lectures on both subjects.

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