FNN Report: Clintons form exploratory committee for Chelsea’s daughter Charlotte

Charlotte Clinton Mszvinsky, born in September 2014 to her mother Chelsea Clinton, now has her own political action committee to analyze and prepare for a run for the Presidency in thirty-five years or so.
FNNs political reporter Stacy Conundrum broke this story.
One of the committees initial tasks is to organize a Senate campaign for the tyke so she can gain legislative experience. The committee will also evaluate which state will offer the best chances for success and that will be the state she will move to with her parents as soon as the data becomes clear.
The committee is anxiously awaiting her to grow old enough to attend pre-school. Then she can express her views on education with position papers and explain how she plans to change education once she is elected to public office.
Her parents have announced plans to take Charlotte to a different country at least once a year so she can gain foreign affairs experience by playing with privileged children there who may someday become powerful leaders in those countries.
Charlottes press agent told us, Charlottes parents insist the child be raise as a ordinary child not as a family member of the American elite.
The press agent also added, Remember this, anything the Bush family can do, the Clinton family can do better.

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