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FNN entertainment reporter Mia Diversion had an exclusive interview with independent TV producer, Pom Posity. Mr. Posity told Mia he had a new reality show in production called “The Widower”. In it, a dozen widows peruse a widower and try to win his hand. The youngest of the contestants is seventy-two. The oldest is eighty-one. The entire show is filmed live in Atlantic City.

“This is great stuff,” Mr. Posity said. “Hilarity breaks out when the ‘girls’ get feisty and competitive. One of them uses her walker to stomp on another’s instep. A second uses her cane to trip other contestants. And to top that, two of the widows imitate the knights of yore by tilting with each other using their powered wheelchairs instead of horses and canes instead of lances and swords. The jousting takes place in the hallway of the hotel.”

Ms. Diverison asked Mr. Posity what happens after the widower picks one of the widows.
“Everyone will love this ending. After the widower picks the winner, the two of them will retire to the honeymoon suite to take a nap and rest up for their big night. It starts off with an Early Bird Special in a four-star restaurant followed by a few rounds of cut-throat bingo at a local church. Finally, their action packed night concludes with two hours of free play at the penny slots at the casino of their choice.

Mia Diversion caught up Amy Bigelow, one of the widows who said, “I don’t give a fig about the old geezer. I’m in it for the free slot play.”

Ms. Diversion will issue a follow up report with the name of the winner.

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