FNN Report: NFL Announces Losers Bowl for Next Year

FNN Sports reporter Jock Strapper filed this report after an NFL press conference ended.
Today the NFL announced a new post-season game called the Losers Bowl. The game will be played on the Sunday prior to the Super Bowl and will replace the Pro Bowl.
In the Losers Bowl, the NFC team with the worst record will play the AFC team with the worst record. Anticipating that a game between the two worst teams won’t draw a wide audience, the NFL placed a degree of importance on the outcome: the winner of the Losers Bowl will be awarded the first two picks in the next draft.
Tomorrow, the TV networks can place bids to carry the game. Bids will start at a hundred million dollars.
The NFL also announced the initial bid price for Losers Bowl ads. The one-hundred-ninety ad slots to be shown during the game will require a minimum bid of two million dollars. If more than one advertiser wants a time slot, it will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.
The NFL said the ad prices were high because the league needed the extra cash to pay all judgements in the lawsuits they have been losing.

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