FNN Report: Trump Threatens the Pope

FNN political reporter Stacy Conundrum filed this report.
Donald Trump, after denouncing the Pope a few days ago, said that after he is elected President he will vigorously defend the country and his Presidency from a trash-talking Pope. If the Pope verbally attacks him again, the Pope will be surpised when a few Marine Expeditionary Units assault the Vatican and seize control of the city.
At a press conference this morning, Trump said, “Once the Marine battalions seize control of the city, well see what secrets the Vatican has been harboring for centruries and well look into how they got all that art work they have in the museum. Something doesnt smell right.  Well send in hundreds of accountants to sniff it out and to see how much treasure the Church has.  Then well force the Vatican to pay the costs for the Marine assault and occupancy of the city.
 If Italy objects to us sending Marines through Italian territory, then Italy better look to its defenses also.
 Under my Presidency, the USA will not be insulted by a city posing as a country or even third-rate countries.”
Ms Conundrum will monitor developments on this story.

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