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RECENTLY, author Laura Best blogged about reaching 500 followers. I was deeply moved by her words. A few days later I reached the 500 mark. It was a good day. Thank you all for your support, for listening, for encouraging. You’re a blessing, every single one of you.

I’m hanging out with Juneta Key today. Hope you can stop by and say hello. Juneta, a generous supporter of other authors, likes to showcase them on her blog.

Wednesday I’m honoured to be one of Alex’s co-hosts for IWSG. Here at One Moment at a Time on Cluculz Lake, Phyllis will be answering questions about subscription services to US Kindle libraries on her Ask PZM post.

In closing I’d like show my gratitude for your support by helping any of you interested in using a grandparent as your protagonist. To help you better understand grandparents, here’s what we like to do:

– dote on our grandchildren

– dote over our pets

– shove snow, (yeah right!) then shove more snow, and more snow, and some more snow…

– We also like to reminisce about our childhood

In between those activities, we like to eat, read, do crafts, and talk about all our aches and pains.

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