Hiatus in Bucerias

Due to some technical difficulties, I’m going off line for March unless I find myself near wifi. I will be posting for the release of HE GAVE ME BARN CATS by Maria Santomasso-Hyde on March 7th. I won’t be available for comments. Please do take the opportunity to enter to win a copy of Maria’s book.

IWSG March 27 I there to introduce Luis Carlos Fuentes Avila, screenwriter, editor, friend. Luis has a film coming out in June.

Meanwhile, I hope you all stay healthy and happy. Talk to you on Facebook when I’m near wifi. I’ve turned off comments because I can’t comment back.

For your viewing pleasure, the sights and sounds of Mexico.

Wandering the beach of Banderas Bay on a warm evening.
If you haven’t visited the botanical gardens south of Puerto Vallarta, it’s well worth the trip. They finished the church this year. A walk back in history. 
Another worthwhile is adventure is the San Blas Estuary in Nayarit.
View from our terrace
PV Botanical Garden
Crocodile nesting

San Blas
La Cruz Marina
PV Botanical Garden

Bucerias restaurant
Tepic Highway northeast through Bucerias

Banderas Bay

Mexican Beach Bar in Bucerias

Someone’s front steps

Bookstore in PV

Bucerias apartments

Marina at PV

pigeon chicks on our terrace


Fireworks on the beach 

Part of the boat ride through the estuary at San Blas

Route 66 Restaurant and Bar at PV Marina

The flightpath of bats past our terrace every evening

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