IWSG – Ask PZM March 2015 (repost)

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The following post is an updated post originally aired June 2010.  Hope you enjoy the updated version …

Q: Where can I learn more about online marketing to promote my book?

One of the most wonderful things about Internet marketing is that “best practices” for marketers is to give away valuable free information to help you know, like and trust them before you spend any money.

When I first began learning how to use Internet marketing to promote my novel “Mrs. Lieutenant” I signed up for many free reports, free teleseminars, and free ezines (electronic newsletters). I found links to this free information on Twitter and other places.

Gradually I winnowed out who I followed and whose products I actually bought. Yet I continue to this day to read as many blog posts, reports, white papers, etc. as I can because Internet marketing is always changing.

Here are some links to valuable free information:

1. Publicity Hound” Joan Stewart’s weekly ezine – sign up at www.publicityhound.com

2. Book author/marketer Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s ezine – send an email to hojonews@aol.com with the subject line: Subscribe Ref. by HowToDoItFrugally.com

3. Book marketer Dana Lynn Smith’s ebook “Top Book Marketing Tips” and her monthly ezine – http://bookmarketingmaven.typepad.com/

4. Book marketer Penny Sansevieri’s ezine – http://www.amarketingexpert.com

5. Book marketer John Kremer’s ezine – http://www.bookmarket.com/

Q: Is it important that visitors to my book website know immediately whether my book is fiction or nonfiction?

Yes, it is important. People want to know immediately what genre a novel is or whether the book is nonfiction.

For example, I read the promo copy on a website about a book dealing with a woman suffering from PTSD. I had no idea whether the book was a novel or nonfiction. And especially because I am involved in PTSD projects (including www.SolomonsJustice.com) I wanted to know exactly what the book is.

Do not frustrate your website visitors by making them hunt for the information they want. Give them the most important information front and center, including how to buy the book.

Phyllis Zimbler Miller is a digital marketer as well as a fiction and nonfiction author.  Her ebook TOP TIPS FOR HOW TO PUBLISH AND MARKET YOUR BOOK IN THE AGE OF AMAZON is at http://www.amazon.com/Tips-Publish-Market-Your-Amazon-ebook/dp/B009RBJW3E

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