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Our very first Insecure Writer’s Support Group post for 2013 — thanks to Ninja Captain and IWSG creator Alex J. Cavanaugh! If you’d like to join, sign up at http://alexjcavanaugh.blogspot.com/p/the-insecure-writers-support-group.html 

On the first Wednesday of every month, you can share, encourage, or express your insecurities among like-minded insecure writers. 

Having said that, I know how difficult sharing your insecurities can be. It’s something that’s never been easy for me.

By showing my insecurities I worry that I admit defeat and allow the world to see just what a scared kid I am.

Even now as I type, I’m not convinced I can ever be specific. My insecurities frighten me. Not to mention that experience has taught me that while honesty is fine, it can also come back to bite you in the butt.

My insecurity leaves me feeling lonely,



Right about now you may be thinking What do you have to feel insecure about, Joylene? At least you’ve been published. Your dream came true. 


Laura and Nancy, the catalysts for my publishing career

Self-doubt is part of who I am as a writer. I’m full of insecurities.

But guess what? Even Hemingway had his low days, as did Shakespeare and Dickens.

Still that doesn’t get you through those dark days when you wonder if it’ll ever happen: an actual contract. 

If you look closely in the photograph above, you’ll see the word Believe

During my darkest moments, and I’ve had plenty, I never stopped believing.  I could no sooner quit writing than I could quit breathing.

Sound familiar?

If you published during 2012, you may have already figured out that being published won’t solved your problems. Instead of worrying whether you’re a writer, you’re now faced with a greater fear: Will novels two, three, or four be well received?

The thing about insecurities is there is no assurances. While I do believe if your desire to be published is strong enough, it’ll happen. But whether you’re successful, that I don’t know.

But I do know this:

– Stay hungry.

– Never stop believing.

– Ride those dark moments because — they’ll pass.

At least until the next low point. 

ps. Best wishes to you in 2013. May all your dreams come true. And may your insecurities drive you.

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