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February 7 question: What turns you off when visiting an author’s website/blog? Lack of information? A drone of negativity? Little mention of author’s books? Constant mention of books?
The awesome co-hosts for the February 7 posting of the IWSG are Janet Alcorn, SE White, Victoria Marie Lees, and Cathrina Constantine!
I’ve mentioned, too often I’m sure, that I’ve been lacking inspiration. I’ve lost my muse. Well, turns out I’m not alone. My friend and fellow author Hank Quense is also suffering. So! What is one to do? We’ve decided to reach out to other authors experiencing this problem through media. Here’s an invitation from Hank:

I have a problem and it’s one I haven’t encountered before.  But first some background.  I’ve been writing stories since the last century,  I’ve sold 45 short stories and published a dozen novels.  Several years ago, I started writing non-fiction and wrote books on fiction writing, self-publishing and book marketing.

My problem is I’m un-motivated to write more books or stories.

I’ve run out of nonfiction stuff to write about: any new nonfiction book will just be stuff I’ve previously written rearranged.  Besides that, I can’t get interested in writing fiction. Actually, I’ve developed storylines for three new novels, but when it comes time to start writing scenes in one of those stories, my brain goes into overdrive and comes up with a list of stuff I can do instead.  The odd thing is that the storylines are good.  The completed novel would be a great story. Unfortunately, I have no inclination to write those stories.

Much to my surprise, when I told my friend and fellow author, Joylene Butler, about this, she said, “Me too!”

Here’s how Joylene describes her lack of motivation:

My entire career as a novelist, I’ve always begun a new book during the final stages of my current one. Until now. For over a year, every time I sit down to write a word, I find myself up again and off to do something entirely different: wash floors, walk the beach, watch Youtube. What’s wrong with me? Where’s my muse? I can’t describe how weird this feels… it’s like walking into a room and forgetting why I’m there.

Joylene and I had a few Zoom meetings to see if we could come up with a project to get us back into writing.  We thought about a joint Youtube channel but that didn’t go very far.  Joylene mentioned that we can’t be the only two authors who have this problem and suggested we try to find others.  Her thinking was that new faces and perspectives could kick off an idea or a project to get us all back on track.

That idea led to the idea of Unmotivated Authors Anonymous (UAA) and this article.  If you’re an author who is currently unmotivated, why not get in touch with us by leaving a comment. We can all set up a chat and brainstorm together.

Learn more about us at:

Joylene’s webpage: joylenebutler.com

Hank’s webpage: https://writersarc.com

If you’re shy and would rather not leave a public comment, please contact me privately at cluculzwriter at yahoo dot ca.

The only thing that sometimes frustrates me while visiting an author’s blog is when I can’t find their name anywhere on the site, and/or it takes me several minutes to find the link to their comment window. A few times I’ve had to leave without adding a comment because I couldn’t find the window.


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  1. Hi, Joylene! Your UAA sounds like a hopeful opportunity for people. Right now I’ve been taking some time to relax. The last 12 months have been intense with more intensity coming up (scheduling and having a major eye operation). I should be doing more with my manuscript and blogging, but I’m going to walk by the ocean right now and forget everything but the moment. I hope that your motivation comes back! Hugs to you!

  2. Sign me up! Seriously, please do. I’ve struggled with lack of motivation for about 2 years now. My writing productivity is way down, and I’m not finding the same joy in the work as I used to. I’d love to be part of a group of writers who share those struggles.

  3. Good luck with UAA! The conversations are sure to be fun, and well written at the very least. That’s the best part about dealing with other authors, haha. I hope the group turns out to be exactly what you both need, and you can find a project (even if it isn’t a novel) to feel inspired by.

  4. Oh no! I have Hank’s How to Self-Publish book. But I truly understand. I’m having trouble starting a new story myself. And oh-my-gosh can I find lots to do to fill my time around the house and outside. I need to go for a walk. I might have dropped my muse in the forest when I was hiking. We need to think positively, Joylene. Stay strong, dear friend.

  5. I’m all over the place with my musings. Sometimes I’m stalled out for a couple of years (like I was a while back), other times I can’t find the time to write what I want. It always boils down to whether I can see it in my head or not. I might know what the scene is supposed to contain, but if I can’t see it, I’d rather be cleaning the kitchen or vacuuming the floors.

    I hope you find your muse!

  6. I think you and Hank will create a solution that works for each of you. And maybe UAA is the ticket.
    You are a super creative person and I’m positive the words will flow again.
    Thanks for speaking out. Hopefully, comments from your IWSG friends will provide comfort and inspire.

  7. I’m glad you’re getting together to put yourselves back on track. I’m sure you’ll have quite the group soon. I may jump in, in the future. There have been times that I thought I was done writing, so I know there will be those times in my future.

  8. It’s a splendid idea, Joylene. I can use some inspiration too. But I guess I am so overwhelmed with life at the moment that I have time for nothing, except scribbling on the blog now and then. Best wishes and I hope you find your muse soon.

  9. I’ve seen sites where I can’t find the person’s name too. That is frustrating. Good luck getting motivated. I was struggling with this in the fall. I finally started working on my manuscript regularly about a week ago, and it feels good. Maybe just try to write for 15 minutes a day so it doesn’t feel like too much time. You might get back in your groove.

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