IWSG: February, 2018

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February 7 question – What do you love about the genre you write in most often?

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What I Love About Writing Suspense Thrillers

The need to overcome hardships drives the themes in my suspense novels. I believe life throws obstacles at you for specific reasons that aren’t meant to be clear at the time. Writing stories centred around certain fears drives me to weaken their influences in my life. 

Most of the people who know me are perplexed by my dark plots. By nature I’m a happy-go-lucky person who is quick to smile. I look for the good in everything, sometimes foolishly. Not because I’m naive, but because I’ve learned that if things aren’t going well, it’s better to fake it and pretend they are. 

In 2017 I faced struggle after struggle, and for the first time in my life I couldn’t bounce back. So, for an entire year, I faked it. Situations don’t change on a certain date, yet, sometimes, in order to survive, we set time limits. Such is the reason so many of us were happy to see 2017 end. A New Year meant hope. 

I’m pleased to say 2018 has started off well. I’m not free of pain, but each morning I wake feeling blessed. And while this year may or may not be perfect, I’ll continue to write suspense thrillers about characters facing tragedy, overcoming fears, and finding hope in the end.  

Please, no matter how bad your life is, never give up believing it’ll be better tomorrow. Show the universe you believe in your right to be happy. And if the day throws you a curve ball — swing hard!

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