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I’ve always wondered what it must be like to have one thousand people show up at your book release. Can you imagine? It would be incredible. But whether there are one thousand, or four hundred, or five, readers are precious.
I did a reading many years ago at our local library in Prince George. When it was over, a teenage girl dragged her mother to the front of the room so “mum” could tell me that her daughter was my biggest fan. Every time I remember that it makes me smile. 
One time a new writer wrote to express how much I’d inspired her. She said knowing we were both from the same town gave her hope for her own career. She thought if I could do, she could do it. 
Years ago, a Polish librarian sent me a photo of his granddaughter holding up Dead Witness. She had a huge smile on her face. He said they both loved my book and asked me to please write more.
A friend called one day to see if I’d come over. They had a surprise. I got there to find they had out-of-province guests who’d read my novel, wanted to meet the author, and needed their copy autographed. They made me feel very special.

In 2018 I met a lady at a campsite in New Brunswick. When I told her my name, her mouth dropped open. She’d seen one of my books on her sister’s bookcase in Alberta on her last visit.

Our youngest was stationed in Afghanistan during the Iraq war. As soon as Dead Witness was released, I sent him a copy. Eight months later we joined him for his wedding in Jamaica, which took place the day before my birthday, twelve years ago. They gave me pearls from Kandahar and then handed me back Dead Witness. I was about to say, “It’s yours. You keep it,” when I noticed the inside cover. Both pages were filled with comments and signatures from the men and women he’d served with. Cory had passed around my novel for everyone to read. I read the comments and cried.

Thank you for this month’s question. It made me think back to those exciting days when I was first published. I forgot how special the author’s life could be. I have a new book coming out this year titled Kiss of the Assassin, and I’m going to treat it like it’s my first.

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May 5 question – Has any of your readers ever responded to your writing in a way that you didn’t expect? If so, did it surprise you?

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  1. What lovely responses and memories. You just never know where you books end up 😀 That is so wonderful Joylene.

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  3. Wow, what special memories, Joylene. Thanks for sharing!
    Yes, treat this next book the same way and I’m sure you’ll soon be having new wonderful experiences with readers!

  4. Those are wonderful experiences. I am here today just did not get my post up until later in the day. Working full time, I don’t always get it up the day before like I did before. Thanks for visiting with me. I sent you a private msg via your contact, before I found todays post for you.

  5. You are truly, truly blessed, Joylene. Good for you to have any of this response to your writing. Even if we can reach only a handful of readers, we are lucky. Readers are precious, as you’ve said. Bravo!

  6. Incredible moments for you to remember. Actually, every time I release a new book, it’s like the first, only now I’m a bit wiser about releases. Giddy, excited, wanting the world to read my story and be inspired or entertained or find escape in this troubling time. Looking forward to your next release!!
    JQ Rose

  7. That incident with your youngest son and all those written comments on the inside cover had me tearing up, Joylene. You had some great moments. I hope to have more positive than scathing comments on my chapters as I do the new Amazon Vella!

  8. Joylene, you have so many heartwarming reactions from your readers, from dragging their moms to meet you, to telling you that you are their inspiration. I’m sure these will be a part of wonderful memories for you.

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