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Sorry, I’m out of sorts. Caught a cold. 
Last month, I  decided to take the plunge and start querying again for my psychological thriller Omatiwak: Woman Who Cries. Received two rejections in one week from American agents, and these were not simultaneous queries. Yes, these agents were nice enough to get back to me in less than 2 days each. One asked for the first 50 pages, the day after I sent a query. The next day he wrote:

Your pages are interesting and well-written, and it is an engaging story.  The pacing is also strong and the story well-executed.  That said, I didn’t feel like I got to know the characters as deeply as I would have liked, and I feel that for trade editors, they will be looking for that stronger connection.

The first day I felt horrible, but my husband reminded me that not everyone will understand the aboriginal issues in Canada. And do I really want to slam them over the head with it?

No. But I don’t want to be rejected either. I’m a little embarrassed that after 30 plus years I can still feel so vulnerable. The second agent read the first chapter and didn’t want to read anymore.

I counsel young writers about the pitfalls of our profession. I tell them not to take these rejections personally. At IWSG we lend an ear to writers trying to place their first ms with an agent or publisher. I know how the system works. Yet, here I sit feeling … the same thing we all feel when we receive a rejection. I can’t write. Why did I ever think I could. Nobody wants to read me stuff. I’m washed up. Finished. Woe is me. 

I especially like the last one, don’t you? Woe is me. 

Seriously, agents and publishers are just people. They’re no better or worse than the rest of us. One day I will find a new publisher for my work. It’s all about timing, faith, and a whole lot of stubbornness. We can’t and shouldn’t give up.

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