Living an unboring existence in Bucerias

For over a year now, I’ve been blogging mostly once a month. Someone in my writer’s group gave me a double take when I said this the other day. His expression lead me to analysis why my blogging has slipped off the radar.

Why do I blog only once a month?

Even then I’m not really blogging. My guest host Phyllis answers questions during our Ask PZM segment for the IWSG first Wednesday of the month. And occasionally, my very funny friend, Hank Quense blogs about something hysterical.

So, technically, it’s not me blogging.

After deep contemplation, I think I’ve discovered why I hesitate to blog. I worry that I’ve become boring. Not sure if it’s my age, my lifestyle, or my laid back attitude.

In one of her books, Sylvia Brown said that Taurus are the most boring of the zodiac signs. Sylvia wasn’t exactly an authority on signs, though she was a psychic. But since reading her comment, six years past, I’ve been asking people if they agree. Everyone knows a Taurus. You may even have one or more in your immediate space. Are they boring?

I’m seeking honest answers. Be kind, but not too blunt. And don’t worry about me. I’m searching online this very moment to see how I can undo my boringness.

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