Living in Bucerias

November 17’s post, you may remember I shared photos of the botanical gardens of Los Arroyos Verdes where we’ve rented a casa for the winter. I mentioned I was putting myself on a strict schedule and spending my time in writing mode. I was so certain once I became acclimatized, a routine would present itself and I’d finally finish my current WIP. It’s disheartening to realize I’ve turned into one of those well-meaning persons who can’t get anything done past getting her nose burned.

Recently someone asked, “Do you write more from May to October in Canada or from November to April in Mexico?”

We had a heatwave in central British Columbia last summer (averaged 37C/98F) and I still produced more words during the hottest week than I have in almost 3 months here in Bucerias. Through no fault of mine, it’s far too easy to wander outside with no apparent goal in mind than to smell the flowers, listen to Sunday’s visiting band playing poolside, watch the surf pounding on the shores of Bay of Banderas, or feast in quaint restaurants in the most obscure places on those I-don’t-want-to-cook nights

Next to the Santander Banco on Boulevard Riviera Nayarit is a small restaurant that makes the best fajitas ever. Down the road on Las Palmas, delicious gluten-free pizza at La Quinto di Francesco‘s on Las Palmas is best served up with a bottle of my favourite cabernet Monte Vino.

Every writer knows how lonely writing can be. Life on a quiet lake is the perfect backdrop for creating memorable characters. True. Yet, after 30 years of wanting nothing more than to write, suddenly I find myself needing the companionship of living–breathing human beings. I need good conversation. Laughter and great food. I want to hear their story and witness life through their memories.

In the next few months, I’d like to share more of life here in Bucerias. If you’ve visited Mexico enough, you know they are a loving, gracious people who feel the music deep in their souls. They love good food, good friends, and absolutely nothing is more important than family. What’s so incredibly wonderful is how quickly they make you feel a part of theirs.

Some of the reasons why I’m so captivated by this place:

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