Peace vs Happiness

The 2012 Global eBook Awards announced the winners this morning. No, I didn’t win, but it gave me an idea for a post, which probably sounds weird. You see, I try not to blog about disappointments. With so many struggling writers out there, it feels wrong to reiterate how published writers have bad days too. You already know that: no sense reinforcing the negative, right?

Right. Unless it evokes something positive.

I could go into the other reasons why I woke feeling blah, but that’s not really the purpose of this post. What I’d rather talk about is why it’s impossible to be happy every single day.

I believe there exits in each of us the potential to be at peace despite the absence of happiness. In fact, I actually believe peace is better. Happiness is an emotion fed by the ego, while peace is inherently ours by the very nature of our existence.

For years I couldn’t imagine peace without happiness. There were times when I couldn’t imagine happiness period. As I grew older, I learned that emotions are fleeting. When I woke this morning to a dark cloud hanging over me, I tried to shake it. I read my emails, visited some of my favourite blogs, yet, couldn’t escape my unease. Then I realized the source of my mood was my ego; and thus my spirit was still at peace.

You’re probably thinking, Joylene, that’s all fine and dandy, but you don’t know what’s happening in my life.

True. But I understand great sorrow, disappointment, and confusion. I understand that life isn’t always fair or easy. And yes, it’s sometimes difficult when you’re in the midst of misery to see through it.

Maybe bad days are there so we recognize good days.

You must clean what you catch. <g>

If you’re not feeling happy today, take a moment and concentrate on your breathing, focus on the life force surging through you. Feel it? That’s your spirit, and with it comes the peace I’m speaking of.

Ah, the ran-out-of-gas trick.

You may be wondering if the heroes of my novels grow to understand that peace of mind?

Well, yes they do.

In closing, in addition to the photos of our hotter than normal summer, here’s some that weren’t so peaceful.

Yes, that’s hail~!

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