Proof I participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The following video may or may not be self-explanatory, so here’s what I didn’t say and should have. The ALS ice bucket challenge was introduced to help raise money for the progressive neuromuscular disease, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Because of the ice-bucket challenge, they have surpassed $10 million. I nominated 3 cousins (they know who they are) in Manitoba.

Our youngest, who currently lives in the UK and isn’t close enough for me to smack, nominated me for the challenge. I was going to donate to the cause. It’s a great cause, but I had no plans on participating in the challenge at this time. However, that didn’t stop the little brat from nominating me. And on the only day of the week that was raining and chilly.

What was wrong with nominating Dad!

The fleeing cat is Shasta, the coward.

The slip of tongue at the end of the video was unavoidable; sorry.

Anyway, I promised evidence; so with no further ado…

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