Which Email Account Do You Recommend?

Thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Penticton last week. Had a great time at the En’owkin Centre. However I came home to find our baby, 17-year-old Pretty Boy,  missing. That’s all I can say about him for the moment, I’m still too choked up. He was a precious cat with the sweetest disposition.

I also came home to a glitch in my yahoo account. My SMTP no longer sends out yahoo messages. It had been building up to this moment for over a year. I use Mail for Mac, and frankly, I refuse to give it up, it’s just too darn convenient. 

After three days on the phone with my Apple Tech-buddy Joe, I’m now looking for a great email account. I have to keep my cluculzwriter at yahoo dot ca since it’s in my novels and on my business cards and bookmarks, but I need something I can use daily without fear of it crashing. My provider no longer gives out email accounts. I use Gmail as a backup, but don’t really like the way it reacts to my Mail.app. It’s a long story, but every time I sign in, 300+ unseen messages left on the server upload. Yes, I’m tried changing the setting but to no avail. 

So the question of the day is: WHICH EMAIL ACCOUNT DO YOU RECOMMEND?

I need an app that allows me offline access. Is it time to consider paying for an account? 

On a personal note, please accept my apologies for getting behind in blog-reading. I know many of you may not have noticed my absence, but I’m very aware, and I hope to change that soon. You  mean a lot to me and I don’t take your efforts to post lightly. Just wanted to let you know that. 

Fall has arrived, and while I find it incredibly beautiful, it is a difficult time of year for me. Spiritually I know I should live in the moment and simply enjoy the beauty of autumn. I know this, and I am working on it. 

Here’s a series of photographs of Autumn at Cluculz Lake (pronounced: clue-cus; for some reason the second L is silent)

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