You Said Everything Would Be Fine

  Winter is Beautiful



A time to rest by the fire,

because outside it’s bitterly cold!


This is what it looked like when the sun came up yesterday. It appeared we were surrounded by a grey wall. 


My husband went out and shoveled. 


An hour later…



It hasn’t let up. 


For whatever reason, this winter has been especially difficult.  Most days it’s grey, cold, and dark. The highways are treacherous. The hour’s trip to the city is scary. 



Back in September I did a shout out about my suspense thriller BROKEN BUT NOT DEAD winning a silver medal in the Independent Publisher Book Awards, 2012, held in New York City.  While I was there doing a reading, I had my picture taken holding my medal. I wrote about it in a post titled “Barbra Streisand’s Stage Fright.


Winning that medal was a huge deal. It validated what I kept forgetting, that Broken But Not Dead is a damn darn good read. A rocking good read. Still, I was a little sad to leave my medal behind. But I understood why. It was my publisher who submitted the book and paid the entry fee. Still, when I arrived home without it, my friends and family were shocked. Why hadn’t I asked for it, they wanted to know. It was mine. I explained that it wasn’t really mine because … blah, blah, blah. But honestly, I was disappointed. I wanted my medal!  


Did I mention how heavy it was?


Last month, in a post titled Where Home Is, I talked about my obsession with selling our house and moving New Brunswick. I ache to be there with my family. 


The comments I received were wonderful. 


I hope it’s clear how much I appreciate your support and encouragement. I am never alone because of you. 


Did I also mention that despite your wonderful support, I was still blue? 


A few days ago, my publisher sent me this:



They had New York ship them another IPPY medal, along with stickers that now go on every new copy shipped from the publishers, telling the world that Broken But Not Dead is an award winning novel. 

You told me things would be fine.


“I’ll let you know when the house sells.”


~ ~ ~

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